Superfoods Cookbook


Superfoods Cookbook

It was sent to me from the team at Alkaline Superfoods. I think this is valuable information and I thought it might be appealing for you.

Superfoods Cookbook
Alkaline Superfoods - A particular Mixture of 3 Powerful Green Super Foods To assist you Nourish, Energize And Alkalize The body!

Superfoods Cookbook
Many leading and revered doctors, health researchers and medical professionals agree that acid will be the cause of many, or even most, illnesses.

Human cells, organs and tissues must conserve a state of slight alkalinity for our very survival. A somewhat acidic blood can cause coma or death.

Yet, certain substances and foods can potentially disrupt the healthy pH from the blood lowering it to unhealthy levels. Such things as acidic foods and drinks, stress, negative emotions and not enough frequent exercise can overload the body, organs and tissue with acid waste.

Acid stops the growth and proper growth and development of your body, organs, tissues, and cells. First, it pollutes our bodies. Then, it stops oxygen and nutrients from reaching our cells, organs and tissue. It really is believed that an appearance that is acidic is a lot more prone to disease, allergies and infections.

A diet plan full of acid foods for example meat, dairy, grains, high sugar fruits, and bread, causes acid wastes to build up in our body - an important risk factor for life-threatening diseases for example heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Acid - the reason for all disease?

The next doctors and leaders in health research agree that acid saturation can be a serious disease that can't be ignored...

"There is no natural death. All deaths from so-called natural causes are only the end reason for a progressive acid saturation." Dr. George W. Crile

Dr. Robert Young states that all disease is caused by an acid environment understanding that diseases cannot survive in an alkaline environment. That's why many health experts recommend an 80/20 mix of alkaline and acid foods to keep the pH level under control.

It doesn't matter how much you're employed out and attempt to eat well, if you can't balance the acids in your body, you will never feel just like you want to be.

Michael Murray